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I design, build and maintain Squarespace websites. As a proud member of Squarespace Circle, I've created several highly effective websites (including my own), and provide maintenance for numerous others.



Why Squarespace?

  • Easily Customized Templates: Squarespace offers lots of beautiful, functional templates that are ALL FREE (and safe since they all come directly from Squarespace, rather than a third party as with WordPress).

  • No Need for Plug-ins: Squarespace features, such as mobile-ready sites, commerce tools, blogs, image galleries, podcasting, etc., are all built-in (unlike WordPress which requires you to download plug-ins and hope they are safe and won't eventually break). 

  • All-in-One: With Squarespace, all of the technology is managed for you, so unlike WordPress, there's no need to deal with backing up or updating your site, or paying for a third party host. 

  • Top-notch Support: Squarespace Support is available 24/7 via email or chat, and during business hours via phone. This is not an option with WordPress, where you'll need to sort through forums in hopes of finding answers.

  • Lower Cost: Squarespace websites cost less than WordPress sites once you add in the various costs of reputable themes, backup and security plug-ins, feature plug-ins, hosting, etc.


Some of the Websites I've Built