“You and I” or “You and me”?

Some people think the word I should always be used when referring to oneself, especially when other names are being used in the sentence. While I and me are both first person singular pronouns, I is a subject pronoun, and me is an object pronoun. So what does that mean?

As the subject pronoun, I refers to the person performing the action of the verb. As the object pronoun, me refers to the person that the action of the verb is being done to. So how would you complete the sentences below? 

1. Stacy and ? are going for a hike.

 2. John took Stacy and ? for a hike.

1. Stacy and I/me are the subjects of the word going, therefore you would use the word I.

Stacy and I are going for a hike.   

            2. Stacy and I/me are the objects of the word took, therefore you would use the word me.

John took Stacy and me for a hike.

When in doubt, try removing the other people from the sentence. Using the examples above:  

1. “I am going for a hike.” or “Me is going for a hike.”

2. “John took I for a hike.” or “John took me for a hike.”

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