Protecting Your Computer

Work often has us so busy that it’s easy to forget to perform the necessary maintenance for keeping our own businesses running smoothly. We spend most of our time working on our clients’ projects, leaving little time to focus on our own administrative duties. You know, those tasks that fall to the bottom of the priority list because they have no deadlines? The sometimes tedious and often time-consuming duties that, while not much fun, really are such an important part of your business.

The two tasks I’m referring to are backing up your computer, as I mentioned in last week’s Mindful Monday Tip, and protecting your computer against malware. As long as you have a good security program installed and updated, a weekly quick scan should be sufficient. If you attempt to open an infected file, your anti-malware software should detect this and stop you from opening the file. Just be sure to update all of your system and program applications as the updates become available. It's important to always have the latest versions, which may include important security fixes.

If the program you use offers scheduled scans, set it to do so weekly. Perhaps over the weekend or another time when you might use your computer less frequently. Personally, I try to wrap up client work by the end of the day Thursday or Friday morning. That way I can dedicate Fridays (or at least Friday afternoons) to working on my own business maintenance, like running necessary updates and malware scans.

Make sure your computer is protected at all times! And feel free to share this Mindful Monday Tip to remind your followers to do so as well. 

Backing Up Your Files (A Cautionary Tale)

How often do you backup your computer? Weekly? Monthly? Whenever you think of it?? Never???

I can’t stress the importance of backing up your data enough! If you don’t put much stock into doing so, I’ll tell you a quick personal story that may change your mind. Several years ago, the hard drive in my personal laptop died. The majority of my digital photos resided on that hard drive, and existed nowhere else in the world. So when the laptop went, it took all those precious memories with it. I was devastated. So much so, that I paid a recovery company over $1,000 to recover as much of my lost data as possible. That was an expensive lesson to learn! And it was a mistake I will NEVER make again!

So these days I am diligent about backing up my data. For my personal computer, which I access pretty infrequently, I backup my files monthly. For my business, I backup my files weekly. I have a reminder that pops up in my email and on my phone every Friday, so once I’ve wrapped up my work for the week, the last thing I do before the weekend is run my backup.

Do you have a dismal computer-crash story like mine? Or one with a happier ending, where a backup saved your behind? Share your story in the comments below.