Nother is Not a Word

Nother is not a word.  As in, “She bought a whole nother set.”  The correction to this statement is, “She bought a whole other set.”  Or you could go with, “She bought another set.” 

I can still remember asking my second grade teacher how to spell the word nother.  I was always good with spelling and vocabulary as a kid, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find a spelling that looked correct to me.  My teacher was a little confused and asked me to use it in a sentence, which I did.  I recall her smiling sweetly and explaining that, while used frequently, nother isn’t actually a word.  She made me feel smart for having asked though, and I think that’s why I still remember the conversation to this day.  

I think for most of us, if we take a minute to think about it, we know that nother isn’t really a word.  However it’s used so frequently, I think because it just flows off the tongue so easily.  Remember though, we don’t necessarily want to write the way we speak.  We want our business communications especially, to be more refined. 

So next time you feel compelled to type the word nother, remember this Mindful Monday Tip and refrain!  Check back next Monday for more helpful advice, and be sure to follow me on Twitter.