Affect vs. Effect

If you want your business to come across as credible, it's important to use proper grammar in all your written communications.  From your website to your marketing materials, you want to present your company as the authority on whatever it is you do.  You just won't accomplish that with bad grammar. 

Understanding the difference between affect and effect seems to be a pretty common dilemma.  So here’s a quick and simple explanation:  Affect is typically used as a verb to describe influence, as in, “I hope this blog post positively affects your writing going forward.”  Effect is usually used as a noun to describe a result, as in, “This blog post should have a positive effect on your writing.”

So next time you're faced with the conundrum of whether to use affect or effect, remember this Mindful Monday Tip.  Check back next Monday for more helpful advice, and be sure to follow me on Twitter so you'll never miss an update!