Quickly Delete Emails from your iPhone

Many of my clients need help getting their emails under control. This can be a pretty big job, especially for those of you with 15,000+ emails in your inbox! So I want to show you a clever little hack for quickly deleting emails from your iPhone...

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October 30th is Checklist Day! {Free Customizable Checklist!}

If you too are a fellow organization / office supply nerd, you'll likely be as excited about this day as I am! October 30th is Checklist Day! Woohoo!

I am all about checklists! I use them in my personal life, for my business, and for my clients as well. I use electronic versions in Teamwork and Evernote, but I also like to keep two hard-copies around. I use one in my dining room to keep my family to-do’s in order, and the other hard-copy is in my office and functions as sort of a master task list for work...

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How to Convert a PDF to Word

I’ve recently received a lot of requests to convert PDF’s to Word Docs, and have come to realize that many people think that doing so requires Adobe Pro. This is not the case. It’s actually quick and easy, and while you can opt to use one of many free programs online, you can just as easily make the conversion without any software at all...

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