October 30th is Checklist Day! {Free Customizable Checklist!}

If you too are a fellow organization / office supply nerd, you'll likely be as excited about this day as I am! October 30th is Checklist Day! Woohoo!

I am all about checklists! I use them in my personal life, for my business, and for my clients as well. I use electronic versions in Teamwork and Evernote, but I also like to keep two hard-copies around. I use one in my dining room to keep my family to-do’s in order, and the other hard-copy is in my office and functions as sort of a master task list for work.

I’m a very visual person (I’m also a very forgetful person), so I really need to be able to see what’s on my agenda. And of course it feels great to check things off your list as you accomplish them! There’s nothing like getting to the end of the week and seeing checkmarks next to all of your to-do’s! It even works as a motivator to get those last couple items checked off before the next week begins, so you feel like you’re starting over fresh.

So in honor of Checklist Day, I’ve created a free checklist that’s also pretty, thanks to some lovely graphics that I got from the talented Angie over at AngieMakes.com. Angie was kind enough to give me permission to use her artwork to create a checklist that is both useful and beautiful to look at. With a checklist like this, you’ll actually enjoy using it!

My suggestion, based on what I do in my own office, is to print the checklist out and put it in a picture frame. You can use dry erase markers to write on the glass, that way your list will be reusable! Every week, just wipe off the previous week's tasks and start anew.

I hope you love using it as much as I do! Feel free to share this post with anyone you’d like (it's totally free, no opt-in or anything). Just click below for instant access. Enjoy! And Happy Checklist Day!