Why Use a Virtual Assistant?

First off, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is a Virtual Assistant?”  In a nutshell, Virtual Assistants provide administrative support services, but do so remotely.  Many companies are turning to Virtual Assistants these days, rather than hiring in-office employees.  That’s because, as independent contractors, VAs cost less money than permanent employees do.  There’s none of the overhead involved in hiring an employee, which can save businesses a lot of money.    

In order to hire an employee, you have to recruit, hire, and train someone.  Time consuming, right?  Then you have to provide supervision, performance reviews, and office space.  What about a computer, printer, phone, office furniture, and office supplies?  All things you have to make available to an employee.  In most cases, access to a fax machine, copier and scanner are necessary as well.  Then there are employee benefits and payroll taxes, which is where the really significant costs come in to play.  There’s paid time off, (vacation, sick time, holidays, leave, etc.), and depending on where you live, possibly weather-related issues such as snow days.  Together with medical and dental insurance, and retirement packages, these items cost companies a huge chunk of change. 

Virtual Assistants pay their own taxes and benefits, provide their own office, and maintain their own equipment.  Simple as that.  The value in hiring a VA also lies in the commitment they possess to be productive and efficient with their time.  A VA’s income is reliant on providing high quality work to their clients.  Many employees get paid a regular salary, regardless of the quality or timeliness of their work.  A Virtual Assistant can provide much needed administrative support, allowing their clients to focus on the big picture, such as revenue-generating activities.  Music to your ears?  Contact me to see how I can help you get some of your valuable time back!

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