How I Found Out I Had Breast Cancer

The life of a small business owner and mom of one and three year old boys can be pretty crazy at times! But nothing could prepare me for what I was about to face. Even with an extensive family history, my breast cancer diagnosis still took me by surprise. I couldn’t feel a lump in my very dense breast tissue, but thankfully a mammogram provided the clues. This is what led me to have one done…

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Quickly Delete Emails from your iPhone

Many of my clients need help getting their emails under control. This can be a pretty big job, especially for those of you with 15,000+ emails in your inbox! So I want to show you a clever little hack for quickly deleting emails from your iPhone...

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October 30th is Checklist Day! {Free Customizable Checklist!}

If you too are a fellow organization / office supply nerd, you'll likely be as excited about this day as I am! October 30th is Checklist Day! Woohoo!

I am all about checklists! I use them in my personal life, for my business, and for my clients as well. I use electronic versions in Teamwork and Evernote, but I also like to keep two hard-copies around. I use one in my dining room to keep my family to-do’s in order, and the other hard-copy is in my office and functions as sort of a master task list for work...

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