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Why use a Virtual Assistant? 

Check out these articles to see what others are saying... recommends outsourcing these 10 things to a Virtual Assistant:

Bookkeeping, Online Research, Database Entries, Data Presentations, Managing Email, Social Tasks, Travel Research, Scheduling, Chasing Business, & Industry Knowledge Prep. 

          Alina Dizik, 10 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant


New York Times best selling author, Michael Hyatt, states on his website:

"If you have followed my journey from corporate CEO to full-time writer and speaker, you know I am a big advocate of using virtual assistants. I couldn’t survive without mine."

Michael Hyatt, 7 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant


According to Karen Leland, Marketing and Branding Consultant/Best Selling Author:

"...I've happily been using VAs ever since. In fact, I've had such good results that I'm of the mindset that almost every small business could benefit from hiring one."

          Karen Leland, Does Your Small Business Need a Virtual Assistant?


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